Thursday, February 18, 2010

Well That Opened a Can of Worms !

... looking at my site statistics, it appears that the fake "Adiv Financial" have done a big spam e-mail send all over the world in the last 36 hours - I got 194 hits yesterday - with many of them coming via a Google search on the "company" - and already 86 today (1300 hrs) - from places as far afield as Greece, Lithuania, Bulgaria - and even Nigeria (that place where all the princes live - the ones who can't get their money out of the country without "your help" !!). As I said last night, Adiv Financial is just one of many honest financial institutions being used/abused by this type of scam - and is just one of many job sites being used/abused ...

Check out these useful links (all clean - don't worry):

... and BE CA

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