Wednesday, February 24, 2010

RIP Steve Bostock

I worked (in the "computer sense") with Steve on two occasions - both times at Simon Carves - and he was one of the guys who fell in the first "redundancy cull" early in 2009 - he was always a photographer first (check out his website) but computing "paid the rent" as they say.

Recently remarried (and unable to take his own wedding photos !) he was - like me - in the "out of work" situation - although his photography kept things "ticking over" up to a point. We only "crossed swords" on the pitch once - late last year at the FC United of Manchester vs Stalybridge Celtic FA Cup game - he was "doing" for the Manchester Evening News and I was just "doing" (and his pic of Phil Marsh's goal that made the MEN was tack-sharp - unlike my effort !). I got a lot of hints and tips from Steve which I would like to think has improved my snapping - and for that I am extremely grateful.

Only last week I bumped into Steve in Ikea Ashton of all places - not a lot of time for chat as we were "in the till queues" ... but he looked well. Last night he was covering the Rochdale vs Bradford City game, but left just before the end feeling unwell - he collapsed and died soon afterwards.

Off to college soon - but I have been listening to Rush (on Spotify) for the last hour or so - one of Steve's favourite bands - mentioning bands such as Oasis to Steve was like "red rag to a bull" !!

Rest in Peace Steve - it would be interesting to know what the lighting is like in the afterworld - I'm sure you'll cope very well ... cheers mate, and my deepest commiserations to the family as well.

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Jennie said...

Just found out the very very sad news about Steve. I too worked at Simon Carves and found Steve to always be extremely helpful. My thoughts are with his family and close friends at this difficult time. R.I.P. Steve.