Thursday, February 11, 2010

We have lift-off !


First VB.Net lesson last night - already noticed a lot of similarities with the sort of stuff I've done in the past with Microsoft Access and VBA, so hopefully that should "fast-track it" a bit as regards bunging it on the CV with confidence, and going for some of the "junior" .Net vacancies - I even managed to build a basic Web Browser whilst having my lunch today (a little extra-mural project - my workspace now has an icon pointing to "Smiffzilla FlameWolf Version 1.0" !!).

40 hits on the CV in three days - sadly no follow-ups ... yet ... we live in hope - must get that LinkedIn account sorted as well ! Had a natter with a "NextStep" advisor yesterday afternoon at Mossley library - if only to boost my confidence a bit ! Off to the paper shop now to pick up the "Manchester Evening News" - job day today (although the job supplement usually contains at least 3 pages of holiday adverts for some strange reason !). Anyone else notice that Guardian Media Group have flogged off the MEN to the Trinity Mirror Group ? Staff are moving as well (might need to be renamed the "Chadderton Evening News" !).

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