Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Chorley v Mossley - Avec Pix

Not much more to add to last night's ramblings - apart from these pictorial efforts (again ... blame the weather - camera lens cleaning, viewfinder cleaning, glasses cleaning - amazing I found time to go "click" really !)

Chorley 3 Mossley 2

Next up - league leaders Lancaster City away - usually a jolly "jolly boys outing" by train - and I get to see middle boy and his girlfriend as well (assuming he's not at work !). Tomorrow night (Thursday) sees a Parents Evening at Salford College for "small boy" - appointment at 7-40pm ... so I just MIGHT get back in time for the second half of Stalybridge Celtic vs Fleetwood Town ... you never know - there could be a bonus 45 minutes this midweek !

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