Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mossley v Harrogate RA

... here are the pictures ...

Mossley 3 Harrogate RA 2

A quick "kick up the arse" to go one down - quickly rectified mind - went 3-1 up - and then a late "buttock clencher" with Harrogate getting a second with a couple of minutes left. A "scruffy win" really on a bloody awful afternoon weather-wise (just see the pictures ... that really fine "mizzle" that gets under everything, inside everything and on everything - it shows unfortunately ...).

Still three points is three points, and the roll continues to roll - now up to 9th place, one defeat in twelve - it's all starting to come together for John Flanagan (can't call him "new manager" now !) and the squad - not just that, we got a much improved attendance on Saturday despite the weather - a winning side WILL bring in the crowds, both "returnees" and "neutrals" - and one thing you can guarantee with Mossley at the moment - they will keep you on the edge of your seat/toes for the full 90 minutes !!

Next stop ... up the A6 to Chorley on Tuesday night ... bring it on !!

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will be there on tuseday