Thursday, March 25, 2010

One Parents Evening - Half a Game

... battled my way round the M60 to Walkden in godawful weather conditions - got tea, biscuits and "small boy update" - battled my way back round the M60 in godawful weather conditions - arriving Bower Fold just on half-time (to find Celtic 1-0 down).

Second half began in godawful weather conditions but slowly improved - like Celtic. They might have got to 2-1 up at one stage but what I watched was a mass of misplaced passes and hopeful punts up front, little or nothing won in the air, no-one on the edge of the box when the loose ball came out very little action down "my side" (I believe Dave Hankin was injured in the first half, and replacement Lee Dodgson seemed to be playing over on the left !) - I could go on but ... right at the death Fleetwood snatched a "smash and grab" victory - credit them for playing the full 96 minutes then (or at least the 51 minutes that I saw). A few pictures, mostly taken in godawful weather conditions at

Stalybridge Celtic 2 Fleetwood 3 (Note - JAlbum has been updated - it was a shock to me as well !)

New Manager - new players - new formations - but it doesn't appear to be gelling at all. Unlikely victories (OK victory @ AFC Telford) is quickly followed by emabarassing defeats (OK defeat @ Hyde). To paraphrase Billy Shake, "Something is rotten in the state of Stalybridge" at the moment - and it's not doing the play-off aspirations much good either (especially with Droylsden winning last night @ Redditch). Two "big ones" now for 'Bridge - Alfreton @ home on Saturday, followed by Droylsden away next Monday - points urgently required I feel ...

Now .. can I really afford Lancaster v Mossley on Saturday - the required cut in "entertainment budget" is starting to bite ...

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Anonymous said...

yes you bloomin well can afford it
see you in manc