Saturday, March 06, 2010

No Wake in Wakefield !

... well I've been to one this week - more than enough.

A right good day out today. On the train at 1155 - having discovered an even cheaper way to get there ! Weigh it up - Mossley to Wakefield return is £12-20. The usual plan is Mossley to Marsden (£5-20) and a West Yorkshire Day Rover (£5-30), thus saving £1-70. However, thanks to "Northern Duo", a pair of us got the Mossley to Marsden leg for £7-80 (one full, one half), so another £1-30 saved each !! We'll beat this stupid ticketing system (if you can call it a "system") EVERY TIME !!

Arrived in Wakefield about 1315 - we had young Callum with us so pub options were limited - ended up in the Wetherspoons - they'll have anyone, anytime (a great shame really - I can remember founder Tim Martin's initial "ideals" back in the late 70s/early 80s - those ideals now sadly thrown out of the window in the pursuit of profit !) - spent the train savings in there before we took a "roundabout route" (!) to College Grove.

A pretty even start to the game - well until Wakefield took the lead via their version of Peter Crouch ! The equaliser had a hint of "dodgy" about it in my mind - but the ref's decision is final of course (especially when it's in YOUR favour !). However all the good work was undone just before half time when Ryan Pleasants made it "unpleasant" for Mossley.

As the second half went on it wasn't looking brilliant - lots of pressure from Mossley but no product - and Wakefield still looked dangerous going forward. However, the old adage of "It's a 90+ minute game" - that Mossley have played to so many times this season - came to fruition when Chris McDonagh smacked one in from the edge of the box to set up a tense final 10 minutes ... and with one minute left on the clock, a moment of pure magic from Lee Blackshaw - squirming through the penalty area before slotting home - saw Mossley snatch a 3-2 win which takes them to the giddy heights of 13th place in the Unibond 1 North - still with games in hand over a few teams above !

If you've made it this far, you'll be looking for these no doubt ...

Wakefield 2 Mossley 3

(Pleasantly surprised that it turned out to be a fairly good set - I was a bit dubious at the end of the game (that "crisis of confidence" is still alive and kicking in the Smiffy psyche for some reason ... if someone would give me an effing job it may well put this "all to bed" as they say)

A happy trip home - with time for a swift slurp in Huddersfield - and in deference to Friday night's "Heavy Metal Britannica" on BBC4 which featured rather a lot of Iron Maiden, I managed a pint of Harviestoun "Number of the Beast" in the "Head of Steam" on Hudd Station ! Anyone else watch that last night ? I was a touch disappointed with the Beebs "apparent history" of Heavy Metal which just seemed to stop dead at the end of the 70s ... and the half-hour prog following that was AWFUL - picked some right duff tracks - "Wise Man" by Uriah Heep - heavy metal - give me strength ! Anyway the Iron Maiden tour movie made up for it - even though I'd seen a lot of the stuff the night before when they showed the "Flight 666" film ... but I digress ...

Back to Mossley to catch the last 15 minutes of the Wolves/Man United game - Scholes scored just as we were getting off the train - he could have waited a couple of minutes - then home to this ...

Tomorrow sees a bit of DIY in the "new curtain rail" area ... and then to create something with some lumps of braising steak ... but a trip to Rajas for a copy of the "Non League Paper" will of course come first (although I must remember to take steak out of freezer tonight - in fact I'll do it now !) OK - steak now defrosting ... best finish this off and "have a trawl round" - early spots show Stalybridge winning and Belper losing ... best get up to speed before the paper tomorrow ...

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