Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Chorley v Mossley - Sans Pix

... truly an awful night for football - and photography ! Saturday was certainly wet but tonight ... much much wetter (still drying out self and gear - hence no piccies tonight).

Truly a tale of "what if ..." tonight. Off to a flyer with a goal on 10 minutes, one disallowed for offside (maybe just maybe) (could have been 2-0) - one off the post (could have been 2-1) - should the Chorley 'keeper have got a red card (personally I don't think so - he wasn't the last man - if that means owt !) - Chorley go 2-1 up with 8 mins left and with Mossley pushing up for an equaliser the Magpies snatch a third. A late late effort by Matty Kay to make it 3-2 - but unfortunately no "Fergie Watch" available. Probably the right result on the total balance of play - but still a bit of a bugger - and a wet one at that. More tomorrow ...

(PS - well done to Belper for putting one over Mickleover Sports - and doing their play-off hopes no harm at all !)

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