Saturday, March 27, 2010

I have finally found "The Answer" !

... and better late than never (well I was a couple of years late on Airbourne as well) !!

While Mrs Smiffy is away, what does a man do ? Not "out on the lash" - a less than quiet night in watching the stuff that I like (i.e. music TV - OK a bit of "Doctor Who" as well).

Anyway, there I was, watching Scuzz and this track popped up - "Come Follow Me" by a band called The Answer - a new one on me, and well impressed was I. Next stop naturally is Spotify to discover more tracks (they had a few) and Wikipedia to find out more about the band (Irish Hard Rock/Blues - apparently supported AC/DC on the "Black Ice" Tour). Even more impressed was I.

Next - EBay to find this album "Rise" (issued in 2006 believe it not) - bid went in on a promo copy but it finishes tomorrow afternoon (as in "football time" - criminal timing really !), so not much chance of that coming off. Next - Google the damn thing, which led me to Amazon who had a "Special Edition 2CD" copy available for £29-99 (as in the 2 CDs) ... or £4-98 to download the entire album ! Never tried to buy a download before - and I also discovered that I already had an Amazon account which I can't have used for nearly five years - even the credit card details had "EXPIRED" in big red letters next to them !!

So - I went for it, working on the theory that I'd sold something today on EBay for £10-50 - therefore I'd still be £5-52 up on the day. It's easier than I thought, this download kerfuffle, so I now have "Rise (Special Edition)" on the laptop ... and just to be cool, hip and 21st century I've downloaded the lot onto my phone (something to listen to - if necessary - on the long trip to/from Lancaster tomorrow/today).

Yeah ... I'm going Stuart ...

Anyway - I commend the band "The Answer" to the House - give 'em a listen - they rock !

LATE UPDATE - should have put this on first time around ...


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Pat Mullin said...

I agree absolutely fabulous track and good video from the answer.