Tuesday, March 02, 2010

PC Football & DVD Football

... a quiet night in, taking advantage of Bamber Bridge's excellent live match update gizmo - and having a bit of a laugh at the same time ! And it was Mossley who had the last laugh with an important 2-1 away victory which, coupled with Woodley's 2-0 defeat at Trafford, nudges them another place up the table - and also gets the goal difference back to zero !

At "sign on" today at the Department of (No) Work and (Frozen) Pensions, I was politely informed that, as I had been signing on for six weeks I now have to attend a "Back to Work" session - I say "politely informed" - the actual wording is "I am directing you to take the action below" - naturally if I fail to carry out this "Jobseeker's Direction" I 'could' lose ... you know the rest ... hey ho ... appears on the face of it to be nowt more than a reminder about what I'm already doing (although highly unlikely to touch on phrases like "ageism" - because that doesn't happen any more - does it ? ).

Now that the PC football has finished - and in deference to Mossley's trip to Wakefield FC on Saturday - I've pulled out a DVD which I bought several weeks ago, but haven't got round to watching - it's the Emley vs Stalybridge Celtic NPL "title decider" from April 2001 - it's 1-0 to Emley at the moment (half-time) but we all know the final score don't we ? One of those games where I can say "I was there !" (after several pints in Fernandes Brewery Tap !) - and I missed the late winner rushing for the train home !

Tomorrow - off to Rochdale to attend Steve Bostock's funeral - sad times - or a celebration of his life ... I'll go with the latter.

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