Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Woodley Sports v FC Halifax Town - Part Two

... s'pose I should say something ... a morning of futile job hunting - a lunchtime of shopping (first leg of tomorrow night's "Come Dine With Me" - full story on this to come) - quick house tidy - and now this before college tonight ...

Last night - left the house having seen on Mossley Message Board that the pitch was "wet but playable" - as I left (approx 1750) it decided to absolutely hammer it down - aaargh - still, onward ever onward and got to Stalybridge (train) in prep for catching the (direct) bus to Hurst Cross. Met "Halifax Chris" in the Buffet Bar who mentioned their game @ Woodley Sports ... aha, a possible outlet for the night !!! Two phone calls and several txts later I found out that Mossley was "off", so it was onto the 1855 train to Ashton - and the 1915 bus (330) towards Woodley. Arrived at the ground about five minutes late (i.e. missing Woodley's opening goal) - and it was STILL hammering it down - British Summer Time my *rse ! Just about got something on Woodley's second (try putting your kit together in the p*ss*ng rain !) - and it slowly got colder - by the time Halifax got their first goal my shutter finger was completely white (yeah circulation, smoking etc - but don't forget the cold) - so I thought I'd pressed - but I hadn't !!!

Half-time helped a bit ... but not enough - the weather and night game meant I was down to 1/320 second at times - eek - hence some blur on what pix eventually went up last night. The game - well Woodley played it like they do on their pitch - crisp passing, good control and "on the deck" - so many teams (usually the defeated ones) moan about the 3G pitch - I fail to understand why. Let me make it clear - I'm not a "promoter" of this kind of surface, but ... players adapt to wet grass, dry grass, sloping pitches etc etc etc - and I'm sure there can't be many (even at the semi-pro level) who've not had SOME exposure to 3G surfaces (in so many cases ... when your own pitch is unfit for training, you go to a local school/council "all weather" option - don't you ?). Like I said on the Halifax board, "would you play pool on a bobbly table ?" For better for worse, I believe 3G is here to stay - especially in this bloody climate - so surely you should adapt in the same way you do on varying degrees of grass/dirt/concrete - maybe there is extra bounce, but it sure as hell is nowt like the "good old astroturf on concrete option" a la QPR, Oldham Athletic, Hyde United - keep it on the deck and it does run like a pool table !

Anyway to conclude, Halifax got there in the end (as regards equaliser) courtesy of James Dean (why was he on the bench at the start ?) and got a point where Lancaster City and Colwyn Bay got nowt - so I'm sure the Shaymen are happy with that.

Weather continues to be sh*te - God knows what the Good Friday fixture list will look like - Mossley at home to AFC Fylde - we did have snow last night but it soon melted (but melt still = water). Me - an Easter weekend at the Mother-in-Laws doing painting/renovating etc, so I won't be at Seel Park on Good Friday afternoon if it's on - early "football planning" (weather permitting - d'oh !) sees the possibilities of Matlock v Hucknall on Good Friday evening or Ilson v Telford on Saturday afternoon. If the "painting team" get their "parts in gear" we should be back home for Easter Monday - and the Mossley away game at Curzon Ashton - my wrist/brush action will be working overtime to ensure this appointment takes place !

"Come Dine With Me" - yes the Smiffy family are having an "internal competition" in the style of the TV proggy - and I'm kicking off tomorrow night - cooking for six (extra people turning up) including carnivores, vegetarians and one with a gluten allergy - so not simple ! Anyway- menu sorted - a fusion (confusion ?) of Greek, Spanish and Chinese - covering all options - y'never know there may well be photos to prove it (if I can find time between preparing six starters, three mains and three desserts !!) - if nowt else you'll get a copy of the menu !!

Now - to get ready for school ...

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