Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Today's Railway Ticketing Tip ...

Chorley tonight to watch the mighty Mossley - and it's do-able by rail (in fact two of us are partaking of said journey !)

Mossley to Chorley - day return - £13-70 (good job I didn't go to Hyde last night - or nip out for those extra four cans of lemonade shandy ...)


Mossley to Bolton - day return - £3-30
Bolton to Chorley - day return - £5-30

Total £8-60 ... yes a resounding saving of £5-10 just by "ticket splitting" at Bolton - and that £5-10 buys about two lemonade shandies as well ... result !

(Just need Mossley to get one now)

Today's other bonus - a job interview in a couple of weeks' time - and it's not in IT either ... career change here I (hopefully) come !

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