Friday, June 18, 2010

Been saving this for a while ...

... for those who don't know - those unfortunates claiming the dole are "obliged" to fill in a "Job Diary" (i.e. efforts you have made to obtain employment) which has to be presented every time you sign on - one of the usual 'scams' is to write "Read the Manchester Evening News Jobs Supplement on Thursday" ... well it fills a line ! Anyway - to my point.

Today's "Manchester Evening News" as usual advertised on the front page - "Inside: 12 pages of jobs" ... oh really ??

Page 1 - Flashy "front page" advertising jobs website - NO JOBS
Page 2 - Index, "Problem Page", List of people who've got 'senior jobs' - NO JOBS
Page 3 - A typical heartwarming story about someone - NO JOBS
Page 4 - Jobs (less 1/8 of a page advertising job website)
Page 5 - Jobs (less 1/32 of a page - advert)
Page 6 - 1/2 page of jobs - 1/2 page advertising job website
Page 7 - Jobs (less 1/16 of a page - adverts)
Page 8 - Jobs (less 1/16 of a page - adverts)
Page 9 - Jobs (less 1/16 of a page - adverts)
Page 10 - Full Page advertising job website - NO JOBS
Page 11 - Jobs (less 1/64 of a page - advert)
Page 12 - Full Page travel/holiday advert - just what the unemployed need - NO JOBS

The above figures are a bit rough and ready (I could have done this with a ruler, but that would be taking "geek" toooo far !!), but by my reckoning, that "12 Pages of Jobs" equates to a shade over "6 Pages of Jobs".... and it's pretty much the same every week. Maybe next week, I'll attempt an analysis of the actual jobs on offer - but maybe I won't ...

France were poor tonight as well weren't they ? "11 Players of Football" probably equated to just over "5 Players of Football" in the end - the rest were just adverts for the club game ...

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