Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ready for Tomorrow ?

... well they are at the Britannia in Mossley ... (excuse pic quality - I was drinking beer and watching the Uruguay/SKorea game at the time ...and for those "in the know" - Phil Wagstaff bought me a beer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Patio anyone ??? Did a bit this morning - will have to sort some more blocks out tomorrow - in order to get the necessary pass-out (I believe they use to call them "ausweis" !!) for the afternoon game ... this now becomes "Patio 3" ...

S'pose bed is an option as well now ... twas Mrs Smiffy's "Come Dine with Me" tonight and following some excellent (vegetarian) snap, we've been out on "Patio 1" till daft o'clock with chimenea and CD player (for the pop-pickers out there ... Yes "The Ladder"; Page & Plant "No Quarter"; and Soundtrack of Our Lives "Origin Part One").

And well done to Ghana tonight ...

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