Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Thursday "Wander"

... but not too far !!! Got some foundations in this morning - and in a slight change of plan, another slab (in the bottom left-hand corner if you check out the previous "message") - and then off to Top Mossley to get tonight's tea (which will be Baked White Fish in a Tomato Rarebit Sauce) - nipped into Seel Park on the way round to check out stuff - new sponsor signs are up - but no Evo-Stik hoardings have arrived yet - plenty of painting has occured - mostly down to the "Community Payback" guys - and it's looking well tidy ! Check out

Seel Park - 24 Jun 10

I could have took these piccies yesterday as I was "up there" for the Slovenia game, but I didn't. In fact I left the football club at half-time and watched the second half in a nearby pub. Reasons ?? The Social Club has gone for the "family atmosphere" type thing for the England games. This - to me - means some tidy money for the club - which is great ...... but ...... as someone who wants to actually watch a football game, it roughly equates to - small kids running around in an uncontrolled manner, whilst parents mostly drink with little interest in what's going on football-wise (and even less interest in controlling their "brats" !) - groups of 14/15/16 year olds hoping to "get served" (you know what I mean), again with less than 99.9% interest in the football - people turning up at half-time because someone has told them "free food" - so, while it's a great money-spinner for the football club, it's not the atmosphere in which I/Me wants to watch a football game. Don't get me wrong - I'm not knocking it, but it's just not for me ... Sunday afternoon will probably be a pub job as well (but I must be good as I've got work on Monday morning - huzzah yet aaarrrgh !)

So - today - after the shopping, a quick "nip in" to a handy pub (should I advertise the "Highland Laddie" - why not !!!!!!) to watch Italy go down the same route/toilet pan as France - a truly awful display by the Azzuri which left me thinking "There for the grace of God could have gone Ingerrrlund" - yet a further blow to my Fantasy league team - Zambrotta - grrr !) which has seen me plummet to 4th place in the "League of Nailers" - looking forward to a revamp once this round is over ("au revoir" to Gallas as well !). Unlucky for New Zealand as well today - three games unbeaten, yet "out" - certainly no disgrace there.

Anyway - off to cook tea - and then to watch the "Oranje" boys tonight (and hoping that Dennmark make it as well )...

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NZ Neal said...

2006 World Cup Italy meet France in the final

2010 World cup Italy meet the airport!

Well done the Kiwis, if it wasn't for an Italian swan dive.....

All the best on the new job Mr Smith.