Monday, June 07, 2010

Patio - latest ...

... I know you're all gagging to know (suppresses titter !!) ... well it's moving on - slowly - the (too) hot weather of late last week has disappeared (probably something to to with the old weatherman adage "When there's a Test Match at Old Trafford - pack your umbrella !"), but here's a couple from this morning - as you can see in the background the earth moving (for levelling) takes up a lot of time (I feel a "raised bed" coming on - send for some breeze blocks !!) ...

... and yesterday (while it was hammering it down) a trip to the Garden Centre was made (aargh !) in order to upgrade the Bird Table to Bird Table XP - another "globey" thing in an attempt to ensure that all the bloody Rooks/Crows/Corvidae don't nick all the seeds - seems to be working OK in the first 24 hours anyway !

The score so far today - cups of tea 5, online job applications 4, slabs laid 1, Mossley players leaving 1 (Chris McDonagh has signed for Curzon Ashton - probably to replace Michael Norton who's upped sticks for the glory of FC United) - a mixed Monday morning indeed !

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