Friday, June 18, 2010

Tonight's Game ...

Is everyone confident ?? (I'm never confident when England are one of the teams - the perils of being a realist).

Will Robert Green play ?? (He'll know by 1730hrs - Joe Hart for me, but I bet "Calamity James" gets the nod)

Will there be "trouble" at the big screen showing in Manchester ?? (I reckon everyone will be bunking off work early - it is a Friday - and the "lubrication" will have already started - so I'd assume "yes" - even if the "Manchester Evening News" try to 'manufacture' it - allegedly).

Will the Yanks get anything from this afternoon's game ?? (Slovenia already 1-0 up - which will give them six points, and through - I'm going for a Slovenia win - which would put a little more pressure on England).

Is everyone happy with the Germany result ?? (On the grounds that they're not English - I'd assume "yes" !!).

Will I be up at Mossley Football Club to watch the game (Someone mentioned free food - so I'd assume "yes" !!).

Just got back from B&Q with more "garden supplies" - patio slabs and sand and cement - but there will be nowt happening this weekend - yet another "trip away" ...

(New Job Contract has arrived though - to be perused later !!!)

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