Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend in Wharfedale ...

... to sum it up, camping, walking, talking, drinking and eating - and yes I did manage 90 minutes of football in the "old fashioned way" - with a radio (albeit a wind-up jobbie - at least we were three or four seconds ahead of the people on the nearby pitch with their DAB radio - tee hee !!). Having got home and seen the "lowlights", it looks like I was one of the lucky ones - what the hell was Capo doing playing the third-choice keeper ???

Eight-miler on Saturday and a six-miler today - seemed to have been a lot of bird-life looking at the pictures (all with the cheapo 28-105mm lens - I've stopped bothering with the heavier lenses when out walking !!!)

Wharfedale piccies

Anyway - caught up with the football with all the "three minute highlight" options most of the games on the net - now eagerly awaiting the "big one" on Tuesday ... come on North Korea !!!!

Now it's Monday ... and let's see what can go right/wrong this week; the early "bad start" was that the patio slab I laid in the pouring rain last week has "failed" - been down there tonight, looked at it and lifted it - bugger ! ...

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