Monday, June 21, 2010

Quiet here innit ?

... weekend away (family duties - no pictures - not for web consumption anyway !), and a "quiet" day today (laid SIX patio slabs - think that's a record for one day - and still found time to watch Portugal stuff Korea DPR !). Appear to have had rather a lot of hits today from the Telford area linking back to a game against Mossley back in 2007 - had a nosey on their message board but couldn't spot anything of note !

Tomorrow I get to sign on at dole city ... and tell them that I've got a job starting next Monday - that will be fun ... but apart from that ... aaah, just remembered I need to sort out my photography insurance ... like now (think it runs out either midnight tonight or midnight tomorrow) ... but apart from that ... Spain won (just glad I swapped Torres out for Bendter in my Fantasy League team - at least he can score !!) ... but apart from that ... OK one pic from the weekend - the River Gardens @ Belper with East Mill in the background ...

well that was worth waiting for eh what ...

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SJNR said...

You can't find anything on the Telford board because you're looking in the wrong place.

You should be searching the Chester forum instead ;-):