Saturday, June 05, 2010

Too Hot to Blog ...

Been taking some "time out" the last few days - literally ...shovelling tons of earth to level up the garden to lay this bloody patio !! At this moment in time - 11 slabs down - at least 15 to go (and then to sort out edging etc - aargh).

I could have done something in the evening - but I've been too knackered to think straight (so much so, I was watching the 20/20 cricket last night on S4C between Morgannwg and Gaerloyw) so I've been slobbing in front of the box !! After the cricket I headed for ESPN Classic (Mrs Smiffy was out !) and watched the official FIFA film of the 1998 World Cup - I love the official films - none of this digital crap - all 35mm - and the cameramen are not "football cameramen" - they're artists in their own right. I've seen the 1966 one of course - now that WAS a treat because when I saw the "real thing" (I'm old enough to remember it vividly) - it was in black and white, so to see a colour version was marvellous. Watched the "Hand of God" one the other day as well - excellent stuff.

Who needs HD ??

(Might try to drag together some of the more "interesting" football stories into a bumper post sometime soon - but not tonight - it's "Come Dine with Me" night at our Michelle's).

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