Sunday, April 22, 2012

Anniversary Day Out ...

... as ever - something different !!  Today we had a wander round part of the "Irwell Sculpture Trail" which stretches from Salford right up to Bacup.  However we only did the Clifton to Bury bit today ... not that simple as we only had a basic map - and some of the Country Parks had nice maps in them - which didn't show the sculptures on them !  Radcliffe centre was tricky too - but we found a local who helped us a bit - some pictures from the day at

Stopped off in a pub for some late lunch - catching the "five minutes added time" of the United/Everton game - and have just "watched" the City game (via the BBC website !!) - hmmm - makes for an interesting next Monday (30th) ...

Tea tonight ? We're having a takeaway !! Work next week - I'm all over the place apparently - Uppermill/Oldham/Greenfield - at the moment anyway (subject to change as ever - although I'm not too sure where Oldham is these days - haven't worked in the main office this year I think (maybe the odd couple of days but ...) Time to charge up some batteries now for tomorrow night's game at Curzon Ashton - yes it's play-off time !!!

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