Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Should have stayed in bed today ....

Weather @ work (on road) - cr*p

Bus to football match tonight - cr*p (i.e. was soooo late I ended up arriving at game at 2000 hrs - to be told "It's 2-1 to Bishops Stortford")

Football - cr*p (if you need any more info I suggest the Stalybridge Celtic website )

Weather @ football - cr*p (freezing wind with sleety/snow type stuff - second half I nearly bottled it - it was that bad !)

Tesco - cr*p (you can't buy fags after 2200 hrs without it being a PIA)

Train home - NOT cr*p - 'twas on time !

Football Pix - cr*p - I know this, and I haven't even looked at them yet - all I know is that there are 104 of them - I might find 10 if I'm lucky)

(OK you might get to see something tomorrow :-) )

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