Sunday, April 29, 2012

RIP John Smith

... the original "Mossley Smithy" who passed away this morning after apparently suffering a brain haemorrhage following a fall on Saturday.

Smithy was the "man for all seasons" up at Mossley - excellent chef (doing the 'corporate stuff' in the Sponsor's Lounge); part time DJ at the club and in various pubs around town; stand-in steward in the Social Club when Derek and Debbie went on holiday - he'd had plenty of experience in catering and the licensed trade.  Given the chance he'd have probably mown the pitch as well !  Many's the time a conversation would begin with the words "When I was at Old Trafford ..." - cue groans from the assembled masses - also, as someone else has said today, "He was a right grumpy old git at times"  - but this was the John we knew and John we loved ... he was Mossley AFC through and through and his passing will leave a huge void at Seel Park.  You only need to check out the tributes on Facebook today to see how many Mossley - and ex-Mossley - people are feeling at the moment.

John - now you're up there in that great cantilever stand in the sky you can regale some of the other Mossley faithful we've lost over the past few years (Brian Field, Derek Howard, Dave Mellett et al) with your tales of days gone by at Manchester United - and we all know who you'll be rooting for tomorrow night.


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PMB said...

Liked John very much. He always had time for a word or two. Rest in peace John.