Saturday, April 28, 2012

Late Friday Night ...

... what a week !  Monday in Uppermill - Monday night at Curzon - followed by three days of hell in the centre of Oldham (733 drops - 95% in security controlled blocks - with no key fob - and naturally I get the housing association "mail-out" - i.e. every bloody flat - and it rained a lot !!).  Today - back out in the countries - heavy stuff, but better weather ... and NO going over time !!)

So ... football tomorrow ... I have to apologise to Stalybridge Celtic for my non-appearance - they've got "that sort of game", whereby if they win it's then down to people listening on their transistor radios for other scores and hoping for the best (OK I lied about the trannys - but that's what we used to do in the old days - it's all Twitter/Facebook updates these days !!).  My fingers are however crossed for a positive result against Hinckley for the Celts - after that ... some play-offs to look forward to ...

Hopefully I'll be down at the Tameside Stadium to see the Evo-Stik 1 North Play-Off Final between Curzon Ashton and Witton Albion - once again fingers crossed for a "sensible" day at work !!!

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