Sunday, April 01, 2012

A Restful Sunday ...

OK - so we went to the tip (recycling), supermarket (food and petrol - no queuing for us today - straight in and out, no messing - "smug mode" actioned !!) before nipping out for a brisk-ish local six miler while the sun was out - 'twas a bit blowy on the tops mind !! Some "walkie pics" at


Were there many decent April Fool jokes floating around this morning - thought I heard a couple on Radio 4 early on - something about a tax on chilled champagne was certainly one of 'em. Nice try on the Ashton United message board (here) ... but fooling no-one I feel !!

Tea's been in the slo-cooker since 0930 hrs - now it's time to check out the "doom and gloom" weather forecasts for next week - so I know what to wear for work ...

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Anonymous said...

I threw a mischievous post on the Aylesbury FC forum about us playing in pink shirts next season.

Had the chairman texting me half hour later asking me where I had heard it!!!!

Hee hee