Friday, April 13, 2012

A Prremiership Fairy Tale ...

Once upon a time ...

... there was a big bad man called Rupret Mudroch. He owned lots and lots of televisions and made lots and lots of money from these televisions as well. One day he looked at one of these televisions and saw that one big (red) football team was a long way ahead of another (blue) football team.

"THIS CANNOT BE !" said Mudroch, "It's only April and I need to sell more and more televisions".

So the evil Mudroch decided to talk to many people ... and take his big fat wallet with him. He first went to the team with the baggy shorts and said "Roll over - and I will give you many pennies - and maybe extra showings on my televisions next season". Next he went to the team that were run by the "RedNoseMan" and said "You have run too far ahead - maybe you should 'restawhile' - and let the scholar rest also". Next he went to the team that lived close to the pier ... he said "There are many many pennies for you if you try very very hard tonight". Finally he approached the team in blue and said "The madman with the strange haircut is not playing tonight - I expect you to do wondrous things".

And so it came to pass - the team in baggy shorts rolled over - the team in red rested the scholar and failed - the team from close to the pier earned their pennies - and the team in blue did four wondrous things.

The evil Mr Mudroch surveyed the scene at about 2200 hrs on Wednesday evening - and saw it was good "There is STILL time to sell many more televisions before early May 2012 and make many many pennies for ME - I am therefore a happy happy man" ...

Just a fairy tale of course - what the hell do I know about Premiership football ?

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