Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Curzon v Garforth - Pictures ...

... can be found at

... have to say - the better team lost on the night - but it's nerve you need in these one-off situations, and Curzon kept theirs ... on to Saturday then where they will be playing Witton Albion (who won 3-0 tonight).

In the South - Ilkeston thumped Sheffield FC 7-0 on Monday night (helluva crowd too - just over 1,000 !) - they'll be at home to either Carlton Town or Leek Town who play tonight (Wednesday) - can I just say "Come on Carlton" - followed by "Come on Ilson" on Saturday !!!

Now to bed - a bloody hard day at the office today - loads and loads and loads of "security entry flats" - with no key fobs of course - a right pain !!

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