Sunday, April 29, 2012

The End of the World ??

Tsunami on the River Tame - well almost ...

It bloomin' well sounds like it outside - gale force winds hitting the back of the house (fortunately the double-glazed side of same !) with driving rain as well.  Apologies to all you "Greens" out there, but I went down to the paper shop this morning to pick up the "Non League Paper" ... in the car !!  I'm starting to regret offering to "help out" at work for a couple of days next week (Monday/Tuesday) - yep, supposed to be on a weeks' holiday but ... they waved 16 hours overtime at me so ...

So - a quiet day in - sorted through the football programme collection to find all containing the team "Altrincham", and sent list to prospective buyer ... shuffled some papers ... fiddled about on the net (like you do !) ... noticed that the weather seems to have played havoc with some of next weeks' Play-Off games in the Southern and Ryman Leagues due to postponements yesterday ...spotted another howler, this time on an official Royal Mail "briefing" sent to me yesterday ...

 What on earth are "Conditons" ?!?!? 

Also had a peep at the London 2012 Football schedule - it seems I have tickets to watch Brazil v Belarus, Egypt v New Zealand and Spain v Morocco at Old Trafford.

Now what ???

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Anonymous said...

North Greenford (West London side) v Aylesbury called off 11:30 due to waterlogged pitch.

Rearranged for Tuesday so doubt I can make it for final game of the season