Sunday, April 08, 2012

Easter Weekend - Part 2

... flying the flag ...


... after a hard day's work ... some relaxation ... and had Mossley kept up the first half pressure after the half-ti
me break, the result could have been even better. Still a good point against a team still in with a play-off chance (albeit slim after today). Match pics at

Mossley 2 Skelmersdale United 2

Another 200+ crowd today - which bodes well for the future - shame there's only one more home game this season. Interesting to find out that the Manchester Premier Cup was "presented" today at about 1440 hrs (I was still indulging in a pre-match shandy at the time) - sums it all up really doesn't it ??

Bonus album today as well - featuring (hopefully) the future of Mossley support - the "Mossley Ultras", resplendent with their new flag - love 'em or hate 'em (and I know there ARE people on both sides of this fence), it makes a refreshing change to see a certain age group returning to watch non-league football. For a long time now (thanks to Mr "bloody" Murdoch and his Sky empire), we've seen an entire generation - possibly two - of youngsters eschewing (love that word !!) non-league football, preferring to sit on their *rses and be "Plastic Premier League Fans". We need these people back at the games to fill that vacuum - because all us old buggers are ... getting old (!) - and I'm sure the players appreciate a bit of noise/support/encouragement at times ... I give you ...

Mossley Ultras - 07Apr12

Let's hope they keep up the momentum - and returned refreshed next season (in larger numbers maybe ?) - OK so Hyde fans did it a couple of weeks ago - but today's conga brought a smile to many faces !

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