Sunday, July 12, 2009

Curzon Ashton v Glossop NE

... when Mrs Smiffy's away - make the most - so it was down to the Tameside Stadium for the 1100 kick-off today - on the FieldTurf pitch - twixt Curzon and Glossop NE. Last time I snapped Glossop was something a little grander - viz Wembley - but - the pitch is the same size so get on with it !!

Can't read too much into that game either - the FieldTurf pitch was bouncing a "bit high" today (although Harry G from Curzon did tell me they were awaiting a large delivery of the "rubber crumb" that goes on that kind of pitch - I remember this from Woodley a while back, where I've got some pix of said freshly laid crumb flying into the air as the ball is kicked)

From the Andrew Booth Benefit Game

But that was a while ago - you want to see today's stuff ... don't you ? Please say yes - cus you gonna get 'em anyway !

Curzon 0 GNE 0

Can't hang around too much here though - we have an Mrs Smiffy ETA of 1900 - so just over 90 minutes to make the place spick and span !!!

Midweek football ? There's plenty - but we need to negotiate naturally - Wednesday's Mossley v Bury should be favourite though ..

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