Thursday, July 02, 2009

Lazy Summer Thursday ....

.... sat outside on the patio (in the back yard if you like !) - isn't wireless wonderful !! Should be talking football what with all the FA Cup/FA Trophy "early round" draws out yesterday (see for the full stuff). Mossley away @ Cammell Laird in the FA Cup Prelim on 29th August (played 'em there in the Trophy in November 2006 - got beat 2-1 ... try here ). Curzon have a nice draw if they beat Lancaster City at home ... they'll play Ashton United in the 1st Qualifying Round !

The FA Trophy sees Mossley at home to Bedworth United ("Beduff" if you like) with a tempting trip down to Spalding Town (and Rodney's hat !) in the 1st Qualifying. Curzon get Brigg in the Prelim with a home tie against Burscough (Kilheeney still there ?) on offer in 1st Qual - Ashton United come in at 1st Qual level with the "plum home draw" against FC United of Manchester (who incidentally have a PSF this Saturday against Maine Road !)

But if you're looking for an interesting early PSF - how about Sheffield FC v Ferencvaros of Hungary next Monday ??

Blue Square fixtures are out tomorrow as well .... it's coming - slowly but surely ....

Looking back locally though - I feel Mossley have scored a spectacular early season "own goal" with the cancellation of the Mossley Juniors Tournament on Sunday 23rd August - reason being "we've spent money on the pitch - we don't want to knacker it up".... having spent a good few months "wooing" the Juniors back into the fold and making it more inclusive ... then this happens. OK there are pros and cons both ways - had they wanted the tourney in the midst of winter - fair do's ... but a Sunday in August ??? It's a football pitch - to play football on for Frith's sake ! Hopefully this will not cause too many ructions in the "new found love affair" - but my sympathies at this moment in time would certainly be with the Juniors. No one can deny that they've had a rough deal from Mossley AFC in the past - it was to be hoped that the new set up would help to smooth things over ... let's hope it's just one of those "lover's tiffs" you get in any relationship ..

Work still poo by the way .... and the summer timetable is starting to "kick in" viz late trains/overcrowded trains ad nauseam ... we hope for more controversial train stuff (with pics of course !).

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Steve said...

Kilheeny was at Southport last season.