Saturday, July 04, 2009

Greenfield CC v Friarmere CC

... but first you have to sit through the events of Friday night ... after a hard week at the "Tower of Doom" .. it's time to relax. A barbie therefore was the choice of meal (although having seen the weather Friday lunch/afternoon it was looking a bit iffy !). Light up the two barbies (now our Michelle is "back home" it's a barbie requirement of 1 meatie and 1 non-meatie !) and prepare the food (OK extract most from the fridge, but the courgette was "tweaked with" !).

Now .. a small point from 168 hours ago - whilst camping in the Dales up Howgill way, we had a barbie up there. We looked for the cooking oil .. and found two containers, one with cooking oil and one with washing up liquid. A quick sniff ensured the right stuff went onto the barbie food. Now - onto last night - I'm twiddling with the barbies, getting the food and .. I am presented with the oil. All you carnivores know damn well that you don't need too much oil on lumps of dead animal, but it helps a bit on the veg ... roll on to all cooked time ... peeps start to eat .. and then our Michelle dashes over to check the cooking oil .... OK you can guess the rest ..... !!! Fortunately there was plenty more of the veg options ... and plenty of real live cooking oil as well .. so all was not lost (no probs with my kebabs and burgers mind !!!)

Saturday morning ... no-one dead, no-one foaming at the mouth - Michelle to Basingstoke to see mates, me and Mrs Smiffy chasing Chinese Pancakes down at Wing Fat (it's a school thing !), me then for haircut and then - after checking the website - it was off to Greenfield to see some cricket. Unfortunately Greenfield CC has no real ale (unlike Saddleworth CC) - but hey ... it's the cricket is it not ??!!??

If you've got this far, you deserve some pictures ....

(although (@ 2054) jalbum appears to be "on an outage" or summat !)

Left about 1815 and dropped into the "Railway" in Greenfield - only to bump into a former Simon Carves employee (aaaargh - trying to get my mind free of that damned place for 48 hours - FAIL !) and several of the "Stalybridge Buffet Bar Crew" - all of whom had been doing the "Trans-Pennine Ale Trail" (check out - but it doesn't mention the "Railway" @ Greenfield .. and it should !).

1851 train home ... relax .. no fairy liquid in the tea (I hope not - but I've not had it yet !) ....
tomorrow's plan - train to Huddersfield and walk back down the Huddersfield Canal to Mossley - if the weather is poo - or we get bored (!) - there are naturally stations (and pubs - tee hee !) at Slaithwaite, Marsden and Greenfield - fingers crossed for the weather ...


Gre aka Trotsky said...

Whats all this about the weather?
Here in the Arctic circle in Tromso it's a tropical 10 degrees C today, an improvement on -2 of a few days ago further north!

Mike Smith said...

Too warm to get photos of the Norwegian Blue then Graham !!!!