Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mossley v Bury

.. 5-0 - can't argue with that ! Some cracking goals - and naturally I missed a good 'un (viz number 2 by Danny) and a good run-out for the Lilywhites - some good performances from the "old school" and some impressive trialists ( I liked the one called "Coxie"). Nice to see new keeper Collinge as well - talked well (when they listened anyway !!). We even had a "dodgy liner" who didn't have his camera hidden in his flag !!!

You want pictures ? I got some ... at

Mossley 5 Bury 0

One grouch - 50p for the programme - Joe says "There's plenty of reading inside" - i.e. the "Mossley Word" i.e the "free thing" - so yes it was a folded A4 sheet when all said and done - maybe in 57 years on EBay - but not tonight. Must mention to John (ProgEd) that I've some stuff "up my sleeve" for this season - other than photographs that is ....

Saturday sees Mossley at home to Droylsden - Saturday sees me and Mrs Smiffy heading to Belper and M-I-L - Saturday sees Belper away at Armthorpe Welfare - hopefully (!) Saturday will see me watching Ilkeston Town v Nottingham Forest (and finding out more about the whole "Chek Whyte" situation down there).

Until then ... we @ work ("Tower of Doom") await the "Words of Doom" - assuming we get them on Friday - assuming another senior managerial "balls-up" doesn't drag it into next week -you never can tell at the "three ring circus" ...


Anonymous said...

Iam at work till 2pm but will be in the Little Acorn on Awsworth rd before the game

Anonymous said...

Just off to bedfordshire as I have to be at work at 6am in the morning if you are coming to ilkeston tomorrow you can use a zig-zag ticket but only on the 15 mins past the hour from derby to ilkeston and the 45mins past the hour from ilkeston back to derby on the ilkeston flyer which takes only 20 minutes i will text you as i am hoping to be in the spanish bar on south st ilkeston at approx 1-30 a nice real ale oasis