Thursday, July 09, 2009

Thursday 1 - "House of Flying Dabbers"

... and for those football fans amongst us, I'm NOT talking of the "Nantwich Town Flying Trip" - ho ho ho ...

No the play at the Royal Exchange last night - "Everbody Loves a Winner" was a belter - very funny and very sad at the same time.

As usual, a cracking set at the Royal Exchange ..

Set in a "seedy" Bingo Hall, it showed us all the meaning of hope and hopelessness - "just one more number" - "maybe, just maybe" - "what will you do with the winnings" - and stuff like that ... and we got to play as well !! After a "test run" in part one, they offered us the audience 50p strips to win a £200 "full house" (and a fiver one line and £20 two lines beforehand).

Me - not even close (full house went after 48 numbers called by the way) !!

Bingo - "It's just like life" - that was the phrase of the night ... and after having seen a few "highbrow/up their own a*se" type offerings on our last few visits, it made a refreshing change - OK I didn't finish work till six (that lightning strike caused more trouble than we thought) and thence a mad dash into Manc (yep train late from Cheadle Hulme !) for some "nibblies" @ Tampopo .. but it all helped with the "calm down" stuff.

Tonight - another late one, coming home to an empty house - hence get this one up quick - a bit of a "house tidy" to follow - and I'll be back later with "Thursday 2 - Something Else" !!

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Tangerine said...

Gets a good review in the Daily Mail{sorry}see Quentin Letts on line.