Sunday, July 05, 2009

Huddersfield Narrow Canal

.. some pictures from today - but get the "rail rant" in first ... Stalybridge to Huddersfield Day Return - £9-10 ... Stalybridge to Manchester Day Return - £2-60 ... similar travel times, similar mileages - just some strange privatisation rip-off involving John Major and Standedge Tunnel ... oh and the Canal is not signposted when you exit Huddersfield Railway Station - found it in the end mind, and wandered down as far as Marsden before the lure of the "Tunnel End" pub was too great - and then ... train back to Mossley !! Still we'd done the bit of the canal we'd never done before - and very good it was too. Home = patio culture for a while - watched a bit of Wimbledon on the Beeb web site (next door had in on telly - now I know that the "live feed" on the website is some 10-15 seconds behind - therefore "not live" - so do you need a TV Licence to watch it ?? Anyway .. snaps ..

Wild raspberries on the canal

Canal boat on the canal

Approaching Slaithwhaite - can recommend the cake at the "Vanilla Bean" Cafe !!

Looking down on Standedge Tunnel - while heading to to pub !

Heading back to the Railway Station ...

Tomorrow at work should be fun - not only is Johnny still on hols, Rick has been "sent to London" to sort out OGL's perceived internet problems - leaving me ... alone ... AAARGH !!! Three months ago ... 9 of us ... tomorrow ... just the one ..... (if you don't know what OGL stands for - ask around !!!)

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