Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mossley v Flixton

... and a wet night indeed - such is the "great British summer" - a right royal "cock-up day" at work (with some fall-out still to sort out tomorrow !) was followed by an escape ... a couple of beers at Stalybridge - where I bumped into former Unibond ref Bryan Rudkin (ex-Belper sec now at Alfreton Town - on his way - with Helen - to their friendly at Curzon Ashton) before alighting at Mossley and dashing up the (wet) road to Seel Park.

Should have been Stockport County tonight - but what with their finance problems, the youth/academy sides have disappeared - so a re-arrangement against Flixton - and a very physical Flixton it was as well (number 5 = gobsh*te for starters).

The match began with a minutes silence for Corporal Joey Etchells - a Mossley lad killed in Afghanistan at the weekend - I myself may well be totally anti the war, but .. local boy who was at the same school at the same time as my middle lad - you have to give respect - apparently he loved his job - he just died doing it (something that we desk people will never get our heads around) - my condolences to family, fiancee Julie and their little girl - sad sad times.

The game - Mossley won 2-1 - comfy I thought, but could have extended themselves a bit more I felt. Still a win is a win, and I'm sure Chris and John Management would have said a few words - especially the defence in the first half which looked well shaky/uncoordinated !! Pictures at

Mossley 2 Flixton 1

Humming and Haa-ing about tomorrow night - Mrs Smiffy IS away so theoretically the world is my lobster - just that I can't find a decent "public transport friendly" option (she has the motor !) - Hollinwood v Chadderton is a "maybe".. on the 3G pitch ... we'll see - especially after today's "balls ups" @ the "Tower of Doom". Redundancies ?? Apparently (again only rumour - we've come to expect nowt concrete from the "couldn't run a bath" crew) we'll hear nowt this week - and so it drags on - great for the already zero morale .. it's almost as is they're willing us to fail/give up so they canjust close it down - not in the computer department Mr India - we'll work our balls off until the bitter end - we're a proper team who will give our level best to the users at ALL times - the failures in this company can never REPEAT NEVER be put down to our department.

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