Monday, July 20, 2009

Non-Football Tango Shock Horror !!

Daughter says, "Look at this new flavour of Tango" .... Daughter then says "Now cover most of the right-hand side of the can" (OK - I have took advantage of "photoshop clone" a bit but ...)

Ooooh - I'm sure Mr Britvic was totally unaware of this ...... !!!

(Now I've just been told that this was in the "Sun" - damn !)

PS - Still in work ....

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Nortoner said...

Hey Mike - showed this to my son (a graphic designer living and working in Holland.)

He says this is deliberate - he knows the agency who look after Britvic's advertising etc and they told him they wanted something "edgy" because they're trying to give Tango that kind of image!