Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Here we go again !!!

.... sorry folks it's back to that thing called "work" - and yes I did the "clustered server sync" - now I have 537 mail files on one server and 536 on t'other - I'll find the missing bugger tomorrow !! I reckon it's the closest thing to sync that we've had since .... ever .. OK since the early 90's when we had cc:mail - and I was the Administrator (oh for the days of command line admin - oh and don't get me onto Novell Netware 3.11 - happy days indeed !) ..

No it's the "announcement" thingy mentioned last night - what it should have said was "(Last) Friday's announcement, which was delayed until this Wednesday has now been delayed until later in the week - or possibly early next week"... says it all really. Just for interest, our parent company sent out what can only be described as an "Employee Satisfaction Survey" right in the middle of the last redundancy exercise (check out Feb 2009 posts for more info on "How I was Saved" etc etc). The other parts of the group (India, Singapore etc) posted scores of 60-65% - the UK arm figure was 19% - yes 19% - so the solution was to get rid of our "top brass" (with tasty 'compromise payoffs' no doubt) and install new people up top - and then continue with the almost total lack of communication that we had previously - we're getting phone calls etc from people who DON'T EVEN WORK FOR US who seem to know a damn sight more than we do - crazy but true ! Anyway "word on the street" is yet more redundancies - between 20 and 99 naturally ... we wait and see yet again ... OGL was on Indian telly on Monday - the interesting bit of the transcript is (sic naturally ..) ..

Q: Can you give any update can give on Simon Carves or is it most of the provisioning has been done on that one and have you taken any further steps to restructure that company?

A: We are reducing the workforce quite dramatically over there because we are not seeing future for the services business in UK at all and also based on past experience we felt it was more prudent to shift that capability to other locations in the world if we have to retain that. In any case their primary focus is petrochemicals and that sector of our space is pretty much fallen-off for the near-term at least so we are waiting on that. But in terms of restructuring there has been significant restructuring and we are pretty much provisioned for everything barring probably the USD 2–3 million in write down of the redundancy of people, etc.

(end of transcript)

Naturally, most of the "USD 2-3 million" will be to pay off the sacked top brass (some probably already used to pay off the previously sacked upper management) - once again the lower level "victims" will get next to f**k all - that's guaranteed.

Why do we (or some of us) bother "being good"/"being loyal"/"being efficient" - from the grabbing b*st*rds at our place, to the grabbing b*st*rds in "Banking/the City", to the grabbing b*st*rds in the House of Commons - and "nice bonus payment for failure" being the norm ... it's a fine argument for ineptitude/criminality ... isn't it ?

Maybe later - Stafford have lost 3-2 @ Worcester - no idea yet on the Stone Doms v Stalybridge Celtic game tho'

LATE UPDATE (2330) - apparently Stalybridge have lost 5-0 @ Stone Dominoes - no more details yet (can only assume Trudge up front and Captain Birdseye in the net) - and I nearly forgot ...... it was on the 15th July 1986 that I joined Simon Engineering as a trainee computer programmer ... yep 24 years tomorrow ....

LATER UPDATE (0015) - the 5-0 score was apparently a "wind-up" - Stalybridge celtic have actually beaten Stone Dominoes 4-0 ..


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