Thursday, July 09, 2009

Thursday 3 - A "Mali Music Week"

(some of the ironing now done !!)

Yes a "Mali Music Week" ... and not a "Marley Music Week" as my boss incorrectly went for (we already had plenty of Bob's product !). No - through the magic of loyalty cards, sales and belated birthday pressies we've had three new CDs through the letter box this week.

The Nectar Card (not used very much @ Chez Smiffy - BP @ Stalybridge and Sainsburys Manchester Piccadilly Station mostly) had earned enough points for me to go for the new Tinariwen CD "Imidiwan" - the HMV sale saw Amadou & Mariam's "Dimanche a Bamako" up for grabs under a fiver, post free - and Michelle got a copy of the Rokia Traore album "Tchamantche" (which I've yet to hear).

Tinariwen .. we love 'em - got all the albums - seen at the Bridgewater Hall a year or so ago, and saw a few of 'em with Tunng @ the Academy this year - excellent "roll and roll" music. I've listened to "Welcome to Mali" on Spotify, but the Amadou & Mariam album is an older one, produced by another favourite artist at Chez Smiffy viz Manu Chao (of "Clandestino" fame). A & M were live at the Manchester International Festival this very week (sold out ages ago mind) and - bitch mode on - I bet the audience got far more value for money than the mugs who watched Oasis @ Heaton Park a few weeks ago - bitch mode off. There's a cracking track on the album called "La Realite" - bitch mode on - maybe Noel should get real and put brain in gear before engaging oversized gob - bitch mode off.

I look forward to listening to the Rokia Traore album - but our Michelle has secreted it upstairs in her bedroom !

Weekend approaches - and with Mrs Smiffy being away, the plan is a trip to Kidsgrove on Saturday to see their friendly against Stafford Rangers. Yes I know Mossley are "down there" on August 8th, but that very day is a family 60th birthday in the Belper area ... and Belper are at home to Worksop Town that day so that's probably my best hope. With Stafford having escaped administration (unlike Farsley Celtic - see another "minus 10" team) it should be a relaxing day out - but I've not checked the weather yet ! Furthermore, there's a Curzon Ashton v Glossop NE friendly on Sunday morning @ 1100 on their "FieldTurf" pitch - watching through the "net fencing" a distinct possibility !!

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