Friday, July 31, 2009

Damp Friday ... more ways than one .. the "pants" weather continues, and still a deafening silence at work - that's them "putting off the 'sack race' for a fourth week" in effect - despite the fact that the list of people "at risk/in the sh*t" has been there ALL THE TIME - and that same list is still there - we know that - they know we know that - they just can't get their *rses in gear - and they don't seem to have the guts to bite that bullet ... does wonders for the morale/pysche etc ( see earlier posts etc etc ) ...

Still it's Friday - and I find myself in a "free TV/DVD" situation (with Mrs Smiffy being away again). I've watched "Mossley Goes to Wembley" - a rough (!) copy of the Granada TV programme from 1980 - I'm now watching Droylsden v Stafford Rangers (Conference PlayOff from 2006) - luxury !!!!!!!

As you've probably gathered, the Mossley v Wigan Robin Park friendly was called off last night - a very sensible move given the absolute sh*te weather over the last last few days - and the "cut-up" quotient from Tuesday's wet game against Hyde. Don't want to knacker the pitch up before we even start. Ever noticed how all the Conference clubs play their pre-season friendlies away from home - except the "money spinners" ?? Whereas teams like Mossley play most of their pre-season games at home, because every game is a money spinner - because it's money - however little.

Football tomorrow - the choices have been many - but I think we're going for the Frickley Athletic v Belper option, because South Elmshall is "just" in the West Yorkshire Rail Rover Area - to go up to Dronfield to see Sheffield FC v Ilkeston was an extra six quid on the train ! Could have chose the Ashton derby up at Hurst Cross - but that would be me getting in Jez's way - and at Frickley I'm only getting in Snapper Tim's way (unless Frickley have a pixman too - and I can p*ss off both of them).

Just watch me wake up late and do Daisy Hill v Trafford ... just disappointed that the guys on the non-league snapper site couldn't get themselves together ref a "pre-season meet up" - I'd suggested a game for tomorrrow @ Corby (Midlands - no excuses for absence from North or South - I was up for it - trains arranged and everything) - then it all went quiet .... shame as there's a few of the guys I'd like to have a bit of a natter with.

(It's Stafford 1 Droylsden 1 at the moment - wait for the penalties !!!)

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