Saturday, August 01, 2009

Frickley Athletic v Belper Town

... or "Damp Saturday" if you like - will it ever end (probably when I go off to France later this month - it'll be tropical over here no doubt !)

A gentle train journey with a short break at Huddersfield (but long enough for a pint of "Leeds Pale" @ Head of Steam - they have a Yorkshire Beers festival on this week) and a very short change @ Leeds before arriving at South Elmsall about 1250. I then got "mugged" in the "Plough" - a pint of keg John Smiths ... £2-70 ! In the succint words of Mr Text ... wtf ? A 10 minute walk to the ground - shut. Back down the track to the Cricket Club - not shut. Keg Smiths again .. but £1-90 and I watched some of the cricket higlights from yesterday while the guys in the clubs were setting up for Paul's 50th Birthday - birthday candles in a pork pie no less !!

Into the ground to meet the Belper crew - and a £2 pint before ... game on. First view of Belper this season, but few complaints (until the last 20 minutes when the defence "went totally to sleep" enabling Frickley to snatch a draw). Oh yes .. pictures ...

.. again (like a couple of games this season) not too happy with them - cr*p weather certainly doesn't help, but there seems to be just "something missing" at the moment - in my mind anyway - seem to be struggling a bit with the "centre point" focussing I think - maybe need more than 9 to choose from !! (And then Belper/Sheffield Ken reveals he's bought a 50D - so that's both Tim and Ken up there with the goods !)

Quick pint after the game before the "many-trained journey" home - again including a stop @ Huddersfield where the Saltaire "Raspberry" was quite superb ! Back to Mossley - a quickie in the Brit (Ossett Revolution IPA - another winner) before ... this ...

Tomorrow - President's Lunch @ Mossley ? Stalybridge Celtic Beer Walk ? If I was to be honest and brutal I should send myself down to Nantwich Town for their game against AFC Fylde - if only to prove to myself I can still take photographs of moving footballers in focus and in cr*p weather .. watch this space (well in 24 hours time anyway !!) ..

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Nortoner said...

Hey Smiffy - dunno wot you mean!
This is another excellent set of pics - way better than my weedy effort (which won't be published!)

Seriously - don't be so self critical - there's some cracking stuff in this set!