Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday - not so late !!

Weird day @ work - I've actually sorted out two big jobbies (despite my actual function being redundant !) - and I felt strangely satisfied - naturally the two "satisfied customers" were not senior management or owt like that - but it made me feel good - in the work sense - for the first time in a fair few weeks.

Stopped drinking tonight @ 2100 (another bloody cup of tea next to me as I type !) in preparation for the 0500 start tomorrow to get down to Poole to catch the St Malo ferry (oh and for all those thieving bar stewards who trawl blogs/facebooks etc looking for people who go on holiday - the house will be fully manned throughout, with two people, three lizards and a maniac cat - so there !).

Unibond starts tomorrow - Mossley @ Garforth, Belper @ home to Willenhall - fingers crossed for both - and I am taking laptop in the hope of some free wi-fi (I don't have a fancy-dan dongle !!), so hopefully I can keep up with stuff whilst away.

So - "au revoir" for now - I may well get some posts in, you never know .... and having left work today on a bit of a "semi-high", the chill-out factor of some time away will be all the better (with me naturally hoping that various areas of work will go totally to sh*t in my absence - doesn't normally happen that way though - tee hee !).

Enjoy - and get down to those non-league games - because they need your support - unlike the Premiership crowd who have the support of Arab sheikhs and Sky/ESPN etc to pay their bills ...

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