Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Redundancy Countdown #1.1

Just for fun .. the rather meaningless "at risk" letter received today has had an accident in our back yard ... can't understand how....


Dave said...

Chin up Mike...we've been living under an "at risk" notice at our place since February!!!
I think they just issue them to cover themselves!
All will come good mate.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,

This gives u an opportunity not to be a wage slave, could you do what you do freelance, could you contract yourself out?

work from home?

Well done for burning letter, companies have no loyalty these days.

Years ago when i was being made redundant I worked for a local greenhouse company, lets say on last day every greenhouse shipped out, had all the wrong parts. Must of took them weeks to sort problems out with my little gremlins.

At one stage they wanted me to come back to sort problems out as they didn't know what had happened, I told them to go forth and multiply.

Keep smiling