Monday, August 10, 2009

Sad Time @ Cromford Community Centre

...on way home yesterday - stopped off in Cromford to buy butties for walk - I spot this on the blackboard outside the Community Centre - and naturally whipped out the lens ...

Just in time as well - within seconds, someone came out and wiped it off the board - had a natter, and he told the club had had a visitation from a 'certain religious sect' offering their "deepest condolences" for the sad loss - obviously never clocked it was a vacuum cleaner ! Apparently, with it being an "aquavac" the club members even filled the "dead body" of the vac with flowers - well that's what I was told !!! I just hope he gets his "Henry" ....

Fun over - work - well they arranged my "consultation meeting" for 0855 tomorrow (Tuesday) - and then at 1600 tonight (Monday) they re-scheduled for 0855 on Wednesday (Wednesday) - keep this up and we'll be having a video conference via an Internet Cafe in Brittany - once again that "caring sharing compassionate company" continues to show its true colours - they really don't give a f**k - wonder if they expect me to ???

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