Friday, August 14, 2009

Thursday - late..

Major depression continues ... god I am so hacked off with work - how can one side (viz the management) say "your job is redundant" while people on the "other side" (viz the real workers) continue to ask for stuff to be done ??? Strange innit ..

There's one song that is going around my head at the moment - "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey - don't know why - just is.

One more day - and then ten days away in Britanny - might help me to chill out - get a decent night's sleep - ease off on the beer and fags (a bit !!!) - and finally get my head around leaving somewhere where I've been for 24 years and look for somewhere and something new - but who wants an "over 50" in IT these days ?? Might give me time to think about a total "career change" indeed.

Spotify brings me that Journey tune once again - just after another great fave as in "It's All Too Much" by Steve Hillage - I think it's time for bed - guaranteed another crap night's sleep, waking up about 0430/0500 and lying there until 0630 - been going on for weeks - seriously ! It's only been the football days/nights really that have kept me semi-sane - these few days "en France" may well help me to make a number of decisions vis-a-vis the future - I've got the job description for the "vacant post" on the org charts - it's not really "floating my boat" to be honest - and should I really be grasping at straws to stay at a place which may well go "bump" before Christmas ?? Appeals ?? Redeployment ?? Or should I say "F**k 'em - it's just not worth it"...........

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Nortoner said...

I know it's tough but try to keep your chin up mate. If possible -enjoy your break in France - after all - whilst you're there, you can do sod all about anything happening here!