Sunday, August 30, 2009

Cammell Laird v Mossley

Not too much to say really - below-average game, a couple of below-average teams - and a distinctly below-average ref who contrived to ruin the game (from a Mossley perspective) in the 95th minute ! Naturally I was "at the other end" from the disputed penalty, but having talked to people who were a lot closer, it's clear that we were on the receiving end of a droppped b*ll*ck ... with naturally no recourse to anything (other than giving him the ref 2 out of 10 I suppose !) .

Some below average pix as well (!!) at

Cammell Laird 2 Mossley 1

So - one Wembley dream over - just the FA Trophy left there - at least we have a game tomorrow as Chorley got a result in their Cup game. Time to pick oneselves up, dust oneselves down - and start all over again ...


Anonymous said...

Is it just me? The linesman appears to be celebrating Cammell Lairds first goal!

Mike Smith said...

Well ... it's either a broad smile - or the sun's in his eyes - or he's suffering from wind !!!