Friday, August 28, 2009

The road to Wembley 2009/10 ...

... starts tomorrow for Mossley with a trip to Cammell Laird - and a nice rail trip for the "jolly boys" !! Went there three years back - and lost - we hope for better ....

For "only" three days @ work, it's been a long bloody week - word is that the company will be unable to run the "30 day redundancy consultation period" on time (probably over budget as well like every other soddin' project - piss-ups and breweries - as always - come to mind !) Rumour also that redundancy lump sums will NOT be paid until the final day of the notice period - now there's petty and there's "let's take every last shred of dignity out of these people" - it's not even as if it's a hefty wedge - it's just the derisory government minimum - and having been told by OGL (India) that $2-3m had been "set aside" for this very exercise ... it stinks ... unless of course that $2-3m was used to pay the "failure bonuses" of the recently departed senior managers - which wouldn't bloody surprise me.

Anyway - that's work whinge over - it's a long weekend, and I've already watched the "Anvil" DVD - now watching the "Still Crazy" DVD - then ready for some football .. and I've not even looked at Bank Holiday Monday options yet ... obviously because of possible cup replays - yes I'm taking it "one game at a time" !!

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