Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wednesday "Meeting"

... a complete waste of time - going through the motions of a 30 day "at risk" consultation whilst knowing full well that it's pointless - yes I can read organisational charts as well. We began with "How are you feeling ?". I replied with "That's pretty much a rhetorical question isn't it ?" - to receive the reply "If you're going to have an attitude .... etc" - wow - amazing reaction thought I. This guy "doesn't know me from Adam" (his words) - so God only knows what he's supposed to do - believe he's getting my boss (also "out") to fill in the tricky bits - which are pointless anyway as there's no-one for my "score" to be measured against.

I said I would appeal - I said I would apply for the one vacant post on the org chart - why the hell not ? Further irony later today - job mentioned earlier in the week (half done - waiting further information) suddenly became "urgent" - apparently the "safe" manager who requires the work may have had some serious input into the org chart ... watch my enthusiasm, ho ho ! (OK I'll have a look at it tomorrow - cus I'm nice - but the phrase "Your function is redundant" has taken on a whole new meaning this week - this being one of a number of "jobbies" that have arrived - and been done - naturally)

"Management" becomes (maybe always was ...) the new five letter word - that's a four-letter word with an "s" on the end ...

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