Sunday, August 02, 2009

Nantwich & Mossley - Closed on Sundays !

Yep .. to get to Nantwich for a 1300 kick-off would have required a taxi to Stalybridge to catch the 0819 train to Manchester ... arriving Nantwich at 1020 with nearly three hours thumb-twiddling - either that or arrive at 1320 - 20 minutes into the first half ! That option went out the window yesterday evening.

Drinks in the Stalybridge area it is then ..... but first - start to organize FA Vase Final pix to hand over to Glossop on Tuesday night !

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Anonymous said...

Sounds interesting...I run a Nantwich news blog and would like to publish a story about nantwich being closed on Sunday...was it a non league game you couldn't get to because the trains are so crap??
see twitter me at 'nantwich news'