Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Stalybridge Celtic v AFC Telford United

A quick-ish blog tonight - I have my "at risk" (ha bloody ha !) meeting at 0855 tomorrow/today - the guys initials are KO'D - he's known in the trade as "Kiss Of Death" !) - let's see what the "management view" is - whether it's straight from the script or a little bit more revealing - yes folks - tune in later today for the full SP !

Anyway sod that for now - football. Twas 3-0 to Telford - although to be fair the last two goals came in the final five minutes when Bridge were pushing for the equaliser. Overall though it would have been a bit of an injustice had an equaliser arrived. Telford - as usual - well organised at the back, sharp up front - in my view Stalybridge a little pedestrian, a little predictable. Two of the goals were "screamers" (Telford view) or "speculative shots" (Stalybridge view) and the one in between was a defensive nightmare really. Still, early days yet, and Telford WILL be up there amongst the title challengers, I can guarantee that. Oh yes the pictures (might be just me - first time this season - but the lights seemed a little dimmer than last year - probably just me then !)

Stalybridge Celtic 0 AFC Telford United 3

One plug for the Smiffy regime though - there's a pic of mine on one of the adverts in the programme - the Stepan ad for those who have seen/will see - no credit, but it is an advert so I fully understand - and yes permission was sought and granted - so that's me in print every home game !!

Not sure about the next football for me ... Brittany beckons (as well as redundancy - what a time to hold a redundancy exercise .. me - and others are missing all the best bits - CV/Interview Workshops, Pension presentations etc- because we're all on holiday - in fact I know of one chap who doesn't even know if he's had an "at risk" letter because he's out of the country at the moment).

Still - it's what we've come to expect ... until later today ...


Nortoner said...

Excellent pics Smiffy - and so sharp! (Where's all teh 'noise' I get at high ISO? Never mind "damn" my 50D - "Damn your F2.8" is what I say!

Mike Smith said...

Noise Reduction Software - it's called "Neat Image" Kenneth - and it's free.

Images into PhotoShop - auto-levels - then run through Neat Image - then back to PhotoShop to sharpen up - usually just via auto-focus

Most of last night was at ISO 1600/3200

Foxy said...

Some of your best stuff to date imho